Frequently Asked Questions

and Information Session Recording

Thank you to our nonprofit partners who attended our Information Sessions over the past several years. Your pre-submitted and live questions formed the foundation for this document. All applying nonprofits are encouraged to attend an Information Session or review this document before applying. You can view a PDF of frequently asked questions below, or use the button to open the PDF is a separate tab.

Please scroll down on this page to view a recording of an Information Session offered ahead of the Spring 2021 grant cycle. We do not anticipate a recording will be made ahead of the Fall 2022 grant cycle.

Information Session Recording

A recording of one of the three Information Sessions offered for prospective applicants ahead of the Spring 2021 cycle can be seen below. If you were unable to join an Information Session and this is your first time applying to Longwood, it is highly recommended you view this recording and review the FAQs above before submitting a grant application. The recording has been edited to remove the grant exercise (a grantmaking simulation using past Longwood applications) and live Q&A portions. Information Sessions are offered before each grant cycle and organizations can sign up on the Grant Information Session page.