Prospective Grantees: The application for the Fall 2024 Grant Cycle is due September 1st.


Nonprofit Leaders: Catalysts Together leadership program is accepting applications for the next cohort.

What to Know About Catalysts Together


Why did Longwood Foundation create Catalysts Together?
Everything we do at Longwood Foundation is in service of our mission to be a catalyst to strengthen nonprofit organizations in our region. Over the years, one of our key learnings from the grantmaking process was the more adaptive and capable the leader was, the more likely they were able to pivot in response to new external forces and still achieve the core mission of their organization.
In 2022, we asked ourselves, how can we better support leaders and organizations all over our geography regardless of if they are a grantee? The short answer was by providing an investment leader development “or leader capacity” through a cohort-based program, now known as Catalysts Together. Catalysts Together by Longwood Foundation is an innovative leadership and capacity-building program that invests in nonprofit executive leaders as the catalysts to strengthen their organizations. Created in collaboration with nonprofit executives, this year-long pilot program equips leaders with the experiences and tools they need to run healthy, sustainable, and mission-driven organizations. Together, with their peers, leaders transform themselves and elevate their organizations to enhance the quality of life for all in our region.
Does participation in Catalysts Together give me an advantage in Longwood's grantmaking process?
Participating in Catalysts Together does not provide an advantage in Longwood Foundation’s grantmaking process. Longwood Foundation designed Catalysts Together considering what we have learned from engaging with nonprofits in the region. However, all potential grantees, including those who participate in Catalysts Together, are required to follow the grant request guidelines and application process.
If I apply to Catalysts Together, can my organization still apply for an upcoming Longwood grantmaking cycle?


Why should I participate in Catalysts Together?

Are you looking to be challenged to think critically in a safe environment with your peers to make better decisions? Would you like to join a program that is responsive to your needs and your organization’s needs? Do you think investing in yourself can be a catalyst to strengthen your organization? Then Catalysts Together is the program for you.  Learn more about deciding to apply here.

What is the cost to participate?

Longwood Foundation will underwrite most of the real value of the Catalysts Together program which equates to approximately $40,000 per person. In return, we ask for your time, effort, work, and commitment to leverage this program to strengthen yourself and your organization. The program fee is $5,000 for the initial 12 months. Limited scholarships are available for organizations that have budgets under $1,000,000 and demonstrate need through a scholarship application. The scholarship application details will be released to eligible candidates who are invited to the Selection Event.

Acceptable forms of payment will include ACH, check and credit card.

Who is eligible to apply?

The program is open to any executive leader and organization that fit the criteria, including past and aspiring Longwood Foundation grantees. The following requirements apply:

  • The leader must be the current, full-time, paid, Executive Director (or equivalent title such as CEO)
  • The leader must have at least one year experience as a full-time, paid Executive Director (or equivalent title such as CEO)
  • The leader must manage at least one paid, full-time staff member (ideally three or more)
  • The leader’s organization must be a registered 501c(3) that serves the state of Delaware and/or Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
  • The leader’s organization should ideally have a budget between $500,000 – $5,000,000. 
How many participants are invited to Cohort 2 (2024-25) program?

The program will accept up to 20 participants who will be placed into two cohort groups. The convenings, the retreat, and the intensive will include both cohort groups.

What is the time commitment?
The monthly time commitment averages from 7-10 hours. This includes time in sessions plus any pre- or post-work. Peer Forums are 3-4 hours each month stating in November 2024.  Months with convenings, the retreat, and the intensive are slightly more time. You can learn more about the time commitment, key dates, and event locations here. 
What is the Capacity Building Wallet?

The Capacity Building Wallet is a financial incentive for leaders participating in the first 12 months of Catalysts Together. This pot of opt-in funds is set aside per organization to be responsive to the unique capacity building needs of the leader and/or their organization. These funds allow leaders to test theories, fund uncommon needs and/or serve as learning investments for larger grant requests, all in service of advancing their organization. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Funding admission, travel and lodging to a national conference that will help the leader gain exposure
  • Paying for a 4-week program for the leadership team on using data effectively

The amount of the Capacity Building Wallet per organization is yet to be determined but will be less than $10,000. Participants who opt in will be able to utilize the funds starting in January 2025. 

Who are the vendors, facilitators and presenters involved with Catalysts Together?

Catalysts Together pairs national vendors in leadership and nonprofit advancement with talented local vendors to execute a best-in-class leadership program.

Is a letter of recommendation required for me to begin the program?

While a formal recommendation is not required, selected participants must complete a commitment form and have it signed by their Board of Directors leadership. 

    Will I experience work interruption?

    Catalysts Together is designed to benefit and be responsive to both the individual participants and their organizations. Full-time employment, with all work responsibilities, has been assumed in the program design.

    Nevertheless, the support of participants’ organizations will be paramount, as Peer Forums and other activities will require brief absences from work. Executives should work with their Board of Directors to ensure that work obligations are met.

    How is confidentiality maintained between participants and Longwood Foundation?
    Catalysts Together depends on a program experience that promotes earning trust, experiencing vulnerability, and engaging in authentic and real conversations with your peers and support staff to propel your work.  Longwood Foundation intentionally hired vendors that are experienced in cultivating this culture without our influence.  We aim to learn from the pilot to inform the future iteration of the program and other capacity building offerings in a manner that does not identify individual leaders or their organizations.
    Who are the nonprofit leaders that served as co-designers?
    Catalysts Together was informed by a year of exploring, researching, testing and designing. Over 100 conversations were conducted with local and national nonprofit, for-profit and philanthropic organizations.  In addition, a talented and diverse team of 13 local executives played a key role in affirming and designing the program target audience, program experience, and program structure:
    • Adam Lamb, Brandywine Valley SPCA
    • AliShah Watson, Culture Restoration Project
    • Ankur Arya, LYTE Scholars
    • Dave Beaver, Delaware Center for Justice
    • Drew Serres, Network Delaware (Cohort 1 Participant)
    • Jennifer Thompkins, Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League (Cohort 1 Participant)
    • Kate DuPont Phillips, Healthy Communities Delaware (Cohort 1 Participant)
    • Linda Jennings, Community Education Building
    • Logan Herring, The WRK Group (Warehouse, Kingswood, Reach Riverside)
    • Louise Cummings, Supporting Kidds
    • Markevis Gideon, NERDiT (for profit)/NERDiT Cares
    • Molly Giordano, Delaware Art Museum (Cohort 1 Participant)
    • Richard Garrett, Children’s Beach House
    What are the other local leadership programs offered to nonprofit leaders?

    Catalysts Together is proud to operate alongside a rich group of leadership programs that support nonprofit leaders at various levels and/or nonprofit organizations. Learn more about them here:

    For Individual Leader Discovery
    Leadership Delaware (accepting applications)
    University of Delaware’s Nonprofit Leadership Certificate Program (accepting applications)

    For Individual Leader Discovery and Organization Effectiveness
    Harambee Delaware (accepting applications)
    DANA Board Chair & CEO Leadership Series (accepting applications)
    DANA Nonprofit Accelerator (accepting applications)