Executive Coaching Consultant Job Posting


  • Job: Part Time, Independent Contractor from January 2024 – September 2024. Estimated 45 – 65 hours, depending on the client load. Hiring up to 6 coaches.
  • Compensation: See details below
  • Location: Remote/National; Delaware (All sessions are held virtually)


Catalysts Together by Longwood Foundation is a pilot leadership and capacity-building program that invests in nonprofit executive leaders as the catalysts to strengthen their organizations. Created in collaboration with nonprofit executives, this year-long program equips leaders with the experiences and tools they need to run healthy, sustainable, and mission-driven organizations. Together, with their peers, leaders transform themselves and elevate their organizations. The inaugural program runs from October 2023 – September 2024 and is comprised of 20 executive directors who run 20 organizations that serve Longwood Foundation’s funding geography.

Longwood Foundation is hiring and onboarding up to six Executive Coaches as independent consultants from January 2024- September 2024 with the option for renewal in future program years. In addition, Coaches will participate in an orientation and up to three meetings to share anonymous trends to inform the future state of the program. Coaches will also be paid to participate in TCC Group’s CCAT organizational assessment, a non-certification training, typically offered at cost, to help them gain skill in understanding the assessment results.

The Executive Coaching Role Within the Catalysts Together Program

Catalysts Together centers on the power of peer-to-peer connection to create meaningful and sustaining impact on leader development. The program includes several enhancements, such as Executive Coaching, that strengthen monthly Peer Forums and are responsive to the needs of individual leaders and their organizations. 

Catalysts Together Program Structure

Role Description

Executive Coaches will help Catalysts Together executives optimize their leadership and performance while in the program. Specifically, the coach will:

  • Support a roster of 3-4 Catalysts Together executives by providing nine 1:1 virtual coaching sessions over nine months.
  • Use proven techniques to help executives identify their strengths, create a plan, reach their goals, and transform both personally and professionally.
  • Help executives make strategic choices that leverage the components of the Catalysts Together program, such as the Capacity Building Wallet.
  • Help Longwood Foundation learn about the value coaching has on Catalysts Together members.

What Success Looks Like

  • Catalysts Together executives set and achieve mid- to long-term goals through coaching interventions and suggestions.
  • Executives feel supported in a way that is responsive to their unique individual and organizational needs.
  • Executives maintain strong attendance in coaching sessions and report getting outstanding value from their participation in coaching.


The ideal candidate is an accomplished business leader, manager, and goal accomplishing individual with deep expertise in coaching high-level executives and those growing in their role. This role is open to anyone living and working within the United States, but at least two hires must have familiarity with the Delaware nonprofit landscape and community context. Other qualifications include:

  • Can lean into Longwood Foundation’s Core Values and operate with integrity, confidence, and reliability.   
  • A minimum 5 years’ experience of executive and/or group coaching with executive leaders of various industries.
  • A deep understanding of the nonprofit landscape and the role of the nonprofit executive director through direct experience or through extensive coaching.
  • Experience working with leaders of organizations of varying scales, from earlier stage to more mature
  • Passionate about coaching techniques to drive results
  • Training and/or experience with diversity, equity, and inclusion principles
  • Several years of professional managerial experience
  • A coaching credential from a major coaching organization (e.g. International Coaching Federation, Coaching Council) is preferred but not required.
  • Experience in understanding the financial management of nonprofit organizations is preferred but not required.
  • Bachelor’s Degree

Compensation & Time Commitment

Note: Coaching Services per member rate is negotiable based on experience and accomplishments


 Application Link & Important Dates


  • Nov. 22, 2023: Priority application deadline (applications accepted on a rolling basis)
  • Nov. 30—Dec. 7, 2023: 1-hour interviews (virtual)
  • Dec. 15, 2023: Final selection
  • Dec. 30, 2023: Record a brief “Meet the Coach” video
  • January 8, 2024: 12pm – 1pm ET: “Meet the Coach” session (virtual)

About Longwood Foundation

Founded by Pierre S. du Pont in 1937, Longwood Foundation has invested over 2 billion in grants to nonprofit organizations in Delaware and Kennett Square, PA. Our mission is to be a catalyst to strengthen nonprofits in our region. Our vision is that nonprofits are better able to serve their communities, thereby improving quality of life. As a placed-based, responsive grantmaker we welcome nonprofits to submit the funding proposals most important to them, geared towards helping them get closer to their mission and goals. As a capacity-builder for nonprofit organizations, we invest in building leader capacity through our pilot Catalysts Together cohort program for executive leaders.

Questions? Contact Tamara Brown at catalyststogether@longwood.org or 302-333-1991.